Montgomery Medical Associates, PC

Long Term Care

Montgomery Medical Associates, PC is a leading provider of long-term care and medical services in Montgomery County, Maryland. We provide sub-acute and long-term care services to over 400 patients in 10 nursing homes. Our team of experts includes a board certified internist, family practitioner, physiatrist, and a certified geriatric nurse practitioner.

Our comprehensive training reinforces the helpful, caring and responsive nature of our physicians and nurse practitioners. Together, we will present you with a more holistic approach to your needs. Whether you are under our care at one of our facilities for physical therapy, wound care, intravenous antibiotics, hospice, or long term care, we will ensure that you or your loved one will receive the best medical care in the area.

Upon entering the facility, your medications will be verified, labs will be ordered and reviewed, your activity level and diet confirmed, and your plan of care will be formed. Over the few days, you will be seen by each member of your healthcare team and we will attempt to contact your family members to inform them of your plan of care. Periodically, as your condition warrants, you will be updated on your progress.

We recommend that upon arrival to the facility, you be involved in a “plan of care” meeting whereby realistic goals and expectations will be discussed. These “plan of care“ meetings frequently include the nurse unit manager, a physical therapist, dietician and social worker. This team approach will enhance your understanding of how care will be delivered to you or your loved one. In addition, you will personally get to know those responsible for your care.

We feel that communication is the most important aspect of your care-plan. As such, we encourage you to call us at any time regarding questions or comments that you may have. We are open to any suggestions that will positively impact your care whether they are comfort measures or a more aggressive approach.

Upon discharge from the facility, our team from Montgomery Medical Associates, PC will arrange for any homecare, home physical therapy, wound care, intravenous antibiotics, or other services that you may require. Furthermore, should your condition deteriorate while at the facility, our highly skilled physicians will admit you or your loved one to Shady Grove or Suburban Hospital thereby providing you with continuity and a seamless transition of care. We are confident that you will find our approach unique and our relationship rewarding.